An extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. Our dentists have undergone special training in order to successfully perform tooth extractions. Before the procedure, patients are given an anesthetic to numb the spot around the tooth being pulled. Patients that are getting more than one tooth pulled are given a general anesthetic that puts them to sleep during the procedure.

Are you a candidate for dental extractions?

Although we wish our teeth would last forever, there are problems that we come across in life that results in an extraction. You might require this procedure if:

  • Your wisdom teeth need to be removed because they are in danger of becoming impacted.
  • There are extra teeth that block other teeth from coming in and growing.
  • You need to create room for teeth that are being moved into place.
  • Tooth decay has built up and has caused a severe infection.
  • You are receiving radiation, cancer drugs, or an organ transplant, which increases the risk of infection.
  • You suffer from gum disease, an infection that loosens teeth.

Brian G.

“I was just in their office this morning, and was so impressed with the thoroughness of the staff (I got a routine cleaning.) I am 22 and have been to quite a few dentists for clean-ups, getting teeth pulled, fixing chipped teeth, wisdom teeth removal, and sealed teeth, and I have never had a more…

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