Complete and partial dentures

If you're experiencing tooth loss, dentures can be a practical solution. At Jewell Dentistry, we offer both complete and partial dentures as removable replacements for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Our team is experienced in administering denture procedures to restore your smile and oral functionality.

Complete Dentures

At Jewell Dentistry in Wilmington NC, we specialize in providing complete dentures for patients who have lost all their teeth. Our services include both conventional and immediate dentures. Conventional dentures are custom-made after tooth extraction and gum healing, typically taking two to three months. Immediate dentures, prepared in advance, can be worn during the healing phase but are temporary and should be replaced with conventional dentures for long-term use.

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures are used when only a few natural teeth still remain. They can be removable, or be made into a bridge, which connects to existing teeth and holds artificial teeth in place in the missing spots. Because the bridge is “cemented” in place and connected, it stops natural teeth from moving.

Are you a candidate for dentures?

This procedure should be thoroughly discussed with our dentists, as there are several personal and medical factors to consider. You may be a better candidate for a different solution, so always speak with our professionals first.


Tim & Margie

Just wanted to say to everyone out there in Wilmington, NC if you ever in need of a dentist or a looking to change your dentist, please try Dr. Jewell and his staff. We have been going to their practice for about 8 years and have never met a more thoughtful, professional, thorough and all-around nice man…

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