Wilson O’Kelly Jewell, DDS


Dr. Wilson Jewell, a dedicated dental professional, is happily married to Christy, and they are proud parents of two wonderful children.

Wilson earned his B.S. in Zoology from N.C. State University in 1991 and subsequently achieved his DDS from the renowned UNC Chapel Hill School of Dentistry. With a passion for dentistry, Wilson has been delivering exceptional dental care since 1995 at his esteemed private practice, Jewell and Associates, PLLC.

Professional activities include:

American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, 2013-present

International College of Dentists, Fellow, 2011-present

UNCW Athletic Team Dentist, 1999-Present

American College of Dentists, Fellow, 2002-Present

UNC-CH School of Dentistry Alumni Association

Wilmington Tri-County Dental Society, President, 2000-2001

N. C. Fifth District Dental Society

  • President, 2003-2004
  • Arrangements Committee Chairman, 2000-2001
  • Board of Trustees, 1997-Present

N. C. Dental Society, 1995-Present

  • President, 2012
  • Board of Trustees, 2005-2013
  • Caring Dental Professionals Board, 2005-2009
  • General Chairman Annual Session, 2002
  • Committee on the New Dentist, 1999-2002
  • Political Action Committee, 1999-2001

Academy of General Dentistry

  • Member, 1995-Present
  • Fifth District Representative to NCAGD Board, 1999-2003
  • Student NCAGD Representative, 1993-1995

American Dental Association, 1995-Present

  • NC ADA Delegation, 2007-Present
  • ADA Committee on the New Dentist, 2002-2005
  • Council on Access, Prevention, and Interprofessional Relations, Ex-Officio, 2003
  • Council on Dental Practice, Ex-Officio, 2004

Civic activities include

Wilmington Cape Fear Rotary Club, 1999-Present

New Hanover County Board of Health, 1997-2002

  • Chairman, 2001
  • Vice Chairman, 1999, 2000
  • Personal Health Committee Chairman, 1999

Cape Fear Community College

  • Dental Hygiene Advisory Board, 1999-2001
  • Dental Assistant Program Adjunct Faculty
  • New Hanover County Community Health Center, Dental Advisory Committee, 2000-2001

Discover the expertise and commitment of Dr. Wilson Jewell at Jewell and Associates, PLLC, where your dental health is our top priority.



I have been a patient of Dr. Jewell’s for approximately 12 years. I came to know Dr. Jewell during a transitional period in my life when I needed dental care. He graciously accepted me as a new patient immediately and demonstrated his caring spirit. Over the past 12 years, Dr. Jewell has created a dental…

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